Construction details library for concrete, steel and mixed structures. Includes foundations, from pad footings to pile caps, mat foundations, walls and shear walls.

Construction details

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Construction Details: steel, concrete and composite

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Intermediate interface in slurry wall through continuous angles.

Flat slab.




  • Mechanically the joint consists of a simple support. Pay special attention to the positive reinforcement since it may run short of the support depending on the model employed in the analysis of the slab - the contribution of the negative reinforcement is minimal.

  • The values given correspond to floors in buildings with a total load not exceeding 200 psf and spans not greater than 20 ft.

  • If the solution of discontinuous angles is adopted, the angles, anchors, and edge beam must be analyzed.

  • All steel elements in the connections must be adequately protected against corrosion, consequently it is essential that the top of the joint between the floor and the wall be sealed to prevent infiltrations.