Construction details library for concrete, steel and mixed structures. Includes foundations, from pad footings to pile caps, mat foundations, walls and shear walls.

Construction details

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Construction Details: steel, concrete and composite

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Intermediate interface of steel column with drop panel.

Plate without stiffeners.




  • The efficiency of the rigidity and general stability of these connections to carry lateral forces is not suitable. Precautions should be taken: cross bracing, strengthening the positive reinforcement, etc. in the whole structure.

  • The design of the cap and base plates, stiffeners, and the vertical reinf. should be carried out as for an anchorage plate, according to the calculated forces.

  • These solutions are only applicable to steel columns, with small axial loads and bending moments, which are used infrequently in reinforced concrete structures and are not entrusted with the overall stability of the building.