Construction details library for concrete, steel and composite structures. Includes foundations, from pad footings to pile caps, mat foundations, walls and shear walls.

Construction details

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Construction Details: steel, concrete and composite


Adjacent drop panel assembly with steel column.

Waffle slab.




  • Four channel sections will be placed, according to the Technical Documentation, centered about the floor depth.

  • The anchorage shall be incorporated to the support in the shop.

  • The sections will be welded to each other and to the support all around the contact perimeter, with a 5/16 in. thick weld.

  • At the joint, the interrupted channel will have a continuous cover plate of steel with a total area matching that of the top flange of the section, welded all around with a 3/16 in. thick weld.

  • A spiral of W8 flat wire conforming to ASTM A 82, with a 4 in. spacing, shall be placed in both arms of the steel anchorage.

  • The recommended crosspieces are for building floors with conventional live loads and reasonably balanced spans. In all other cases an individual study is required.