Construction details library for concrete, steel and composite structures. Includes foundations, from pad footings to pile caps, mat foundations, walls and shear walls.

Construction details

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Construction Details: steel, concrete and composite


Reinforcement of corner drop panel with concrete column.




  • The embedded beam orthogonal to the edge, which makes up one arm of the crosspiece beams in central drop panels, may carry stirrups depending on the magnitude of the punching shear, etc.

  • The crosspieces made up of 2#5+2#4 may carry stirrups, depending on the magnitude of the punching shear. The size of the stirrups must be defined for each case. The stirrups may be simple closed elements that help support the top layers of reinforcement, although this is generally done by the shrinkage steel resting on the lost filler blocks. In the case of removable formwork, such reinforcement must rest on chairs to provide the proper concrete cover.

  • The indicated reinforcement have a range of application in typical residential projects; in other jobs it must be adapted to the particular conditions.